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Cheerful Park

Cheerful Park is located in North District (Address: 8 KAT CHEUNG CRESCENT, HMA: Fanling). The Date of Occupation starts from 1992.04.14. There are a total of 4 blocks, providing 372 residential units. The saleable area of Cheerful Park ranges from 378 sq.ft. to 977 sq.ft..

The new carpark management system from Jieshun has brought great convenience to both property management company and residents. It enables the carpark to make full use of every parking space in the parking lot, which greatly improved the use efficiency of the parking lot. Meanwhile, cars can pass through more quickly as Jieshun’s barrier gates use powerful engines.

Facts and Figures

  • Customer

    Cheerful Park

  • Project Name

    Cheerful Park

  • Project Add

    8 Kat Cheung Crescent, Fanling, HK, China

  • Installation Date


  • Capacity/Size

    370 Parking Spaces

  • JIESHUN Products

    LPR Parking Management System (E-series, 1 Entrance & 1 Exit)
    Barrier Gate (JSDZ0207B)

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