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Jiangmen K.K. Plastic Factory Ltd.

Established in Hong Kong in 1979, K. K. Plastic Factory Ltd. (KKP) has been a renowned manufacturer and supplier of plastic packaging. To cater to market demands and expand production capacity, Jiangmen KKP was established in 1993, followed by Dongguan KKP in 1999. Presently, the factory sprawls across more than 170 acres, encompassing a construction area of over 90,000 sqm. With a dedicated workforce of approximately 1,500 employees, KKP takes pride in its state-of-the-art equipment and multiple specialized workshops, including injection, blowing, decoration, assembly, GMP, and mold-making workshops.

Given the size and significance of the factory, ensuring optimal security levels is paramount. In 2020, Jiangmen KKP partnered with JIESHUN to upgrade its access control equipment. JIESHUN provided cutting-edge pedestrian gates and facial recognition terminals to fortify the overall security of the factory. By leveraging facial recognition technology, the pedestrian gates enforce stringent access control measures, allowing only authorized individuals to pass through. This effectively prevents unauthorized access, intrusions, and potential security breaches. Additionally, the system offers flexible authentication methods such as IC cards and QR codes to accommodate specific circumstances. Since the successful installation, the flow of foot traffic has become more efficient, eliminating overcrowding and congestion.

By relying on JIESHUN's robust and reliable access control system, Jiangmen KKP has witnessed a significant enhancement in its security levels, providing a hassle-free management experience for the management team.

Facts and Figures

  • Customer

    K. K. Plastic Factory Ltd.

  • Project Name

    Jiangmen KKP

  • Project Add

    No. 193, Jianshe 3rd Road, Pengjiang District, Jiangmen City, Guangdong Province, China

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  • JIESHUN Products

    Pedestrian Gates (JSTZ3405B/JSTZ3905B)
    Facial Recognition Terminals

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