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JIESHUN "LeShanFuPin" Foundation

JIESHUN "LeShanFuPin" Foundation was formally founded in the year 2012. It was founded by Mr. Tang Jian, the Chairman of the Board of JIESHUN and Mrs. Liu Cuiying, the wife of Mr. Tang Jian.

For many years, Mr. Tang Jian and Mrs. Liu Cuiying have given back to the society through this foundation to carry forward the spirit of charity, enhance public awareness of charity, and create a beautiful environment of physical & mental harmony, family harmony, social harmony, and world peace.

JIESHUN "LeShanFuPin" Foundation mainly serves the following areas
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    Disaster Relief

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    Children in Poor Areas support on Education, Health and Nutrition

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    Higher Education Development Funding

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    The 2008 Sichuan Earthquake

    JIESHUN contributed RMB 1,500,000

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    The 2010 Yushu earthquake

    JIESHUN contributed RMB 590,000

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    Clean water source project of Haishan Village, Zhanjiang City, Guandong Prov.

    JIESHUN contributed RMB 200,000