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Jieshun Leshan Foundation for Poverty Alleviation

Jieshun Leshan Foundation for Poverty Alleviation was established in 2012 by Mr. Tang Jian, Chairman of Jieshun Technology, and his wife, Mrs. Liu Cuiying.

Over the years, Mr. Tang Jian and Mrs. Liu Cuiying have repaid the society through charitable activities, aiming to promote the spirit of charity and enhance public awareness of charity. They continue to contribute to creating a beautiful environment of social harmony and world peace.

Purpose of Poverty Alleviation Fund
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    Disaster Relief

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    Funding for Children in Underprivileged Areas

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    Higher Education Student Financial Aid

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    The Wenchuan Earthquake

    The company and employees donated a total of 1.5 million RMB

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    The Yushu earthquake

    Jieshun donated RMB 500,000

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    Donated to Needy Students

    The foundation donated nearly 7,000 books to impoverished students in Guizhou and Yunnan, and subsidized nearly 500 impoverished college students in Guizhou, with a total of about 1.5 million RMB.