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Shunfeng Hangzhou Innovation Center

The Shunfeng Hangzhou Innovation Center is an industrial innovation platform created by the SF Group, that balances technological advancement and a rootedness in its local historical and geographic context through its modern campus design. Relying on strategic coordination with local governments, the project introduces SF's core resources, creating traditional industries and corporate scenarios, and gathers outstanding technology companies, top universities, and capital to form a cycling industrial innovation platform focused on “Technology + Industry + Capital.”

Located in the core area of Wisdom Valley in Hangzhou’s Gongshu District, the Shunfeng Hangzhou Innovation Center consists of six office buildings, which create industrial office clusters such as innovation centers, incubation bases, and maker spaces. The campus also boasts about 50,000 square meters of facilities including living, conference center, and technology display spaces, as well as a green roof. The innovation center design takes inspiration from its surrounding natural environment with shapes and aesthetic elements that draw on the curves of the Qiantang River and the tea terraces that hug the hillsides of Hangzhou.

For a sprawling campus like Shunfeng Hangzhou Innovation Center, the presence of an excellent and reliable access control system is crucial, and JIESHUN plays a vital role in providing an integral component of the system – pedestrian gates. These gates enable controlled access, allowing only authorized individuals to pass through, thereby contributing to the maintenance of a secure environment.

Operating round the clock, these pedestrian gates effectively manage foot traffic, alleviating issues such as overcrowding and congestion, ultimately ensuring a smoother and more efficient flow of traffic. Furthermore, they seamlessly integrate with the access control system, facilitating the use of various credential types including facial recognition, IC cards, QR codes, and more.

The implementation of these advanced pedestrian gates has not only enhanced the security of Shunfeng Hangzhou Innovation Center but has also significantly alleviated the pressures of traffic management, leaving a positive impression of the building and its operations.

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    Shunfeng Hangzhou Innovation Center

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    Shunfeng Hangzhou Innovation Center

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    No. 99 Housheng Street, Gongshu District, Hangzhou, China

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    Pedestrian Gates (JSTZ3405B)
    Face Recognition Terminals

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