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The University of Macau is an international public comprehensive university in Macau. The UM campus is located in the east of Hengqin Island, Guangdong province in Mainland China, on a piece of land leased to the Macau SAR government, and is under the jurisdiction of Macau. UM is ranked in the 201–250 bracket in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2022.

There are seven underground car parks on campus that can accommodate about 2,400 vehicles and 840 motorcycles, UM staff said. Of these car parks, four are visitor car parks for visitors, students and staff, and the remaining three are staff car parks for staff and residents only. JIESHUN and UM have reached a close cooperation in 2018. JIESHUN provided an advanced LPR identification system and reliable hardware to ensure the smooth operation and perfect control of the parking lot. Compared with traditional parking authentication methods, license plate recognition improves traffic efficiency and greatly enhances the user experience of car owners.

In order to make it easier for car owners to find a parking space and have a better parking experience, UM chose to deploy JIESHUN's parking guidance system in the "staff parking lot P4" and "visitor parking lot P7". Above the parking spaces in the corresponding parking lot, JIESHUN installed 1600 integrated ultrasonic sensors, which are easy to install and very friendly to implementation engineers. Compared with the video parking guidance terminal, the integrated ultrasonic sensor has higher cost performance and relatively stable performance. When the vehicle enters the parking lot, the owner can find a vacant parking space in a very short time according to more than 60 indoor guide signs. More importantly, the number of parking spaces will also be updated into the system in real time.

Benefiting from high compatibility and high customizability, JIESHUN's parking solutions have been widely used in transportation hubs, office buildings, residential buildings, entertainment venues, shopping malls and other places.

Facts and Figures

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    University of Macau

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    University of Macau

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    Avenida da Universidade, Taipa, Macau, China

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  • Capacity/Size

    955 Parking Spaces

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    Ultrasonic Parking Guidance System

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