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Aura Mall

The latest international trends in mall design combined with environmentally sustainable materials and technologies to create a truly cutting-edge experience. Aura has been designed to appeal to the widest tourist segments across genders, age groups, world regions. It is ideally located on Morogoro road, providing easy access from anywhere in Dar es Salaam. A unique multi-faceted development of pure entertainment and stay, with a universal appeal, Aura will incorporate a critical mass of attractions, an endless mix of activities and variety of accommodations.

JIESHUN has extensive experience in the deployment of parking management systems in shopping malls and large commercial buildings. Ensuring good traffic order is only the first step. Operators must not only ensure a safe and convenient parking experience for customers, but also improve their overall shopping experience. With the development of industry applications, the membership points platform and parking coupons have been perfectly integrated into the parking systems of most shopping malls. Customers can enjoy a quick and convenient car park exit after a pleasant shopping trip.

JIESHUN provided a complete management system including parking controllers and boom barriers in 2018. It has served Aura Mall well for over 4 years. Professional ability and high-quality products have been highly recognized by the management.

Benefiting from high compatibility and high customizability, JIESHUN's parking solutions have been widely used in transportation hubs, office buildings, residential buildings, entertainment venues, shopping malls and other places.

Facts and Figures

  • Customer

    Aura Mall

  • Project Name

    Aura Mall

  • Project Add

    Morogoro Rd, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

  • Installation Date


  • Capacity/Size


  • JIESHUN Products

    Parking Management System (JSKT6017/5017)
    Barrier Gates (JSDZ0203)

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