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The University of Macau Deployed JIESHUN Parking Guidance System

Jul 30,2020

Founded in 1981, University of Macau (UM) was the predecessor of the private University of East Asia, which was officially renamed University of Macau in 1991 as a public university. Through the years of development, UM has become a leading and the only public comprehensive university in Macao. Currently, UM ranks 301-350th in the world, 9th globally for International Outlook, and 37th in Asia.


University of Macau

There are seven underground car parks on campus with the capacity to accommodate around 2,400 light vehicles and 840 motorcycles, said by Security & Transport Section of MU. Especially, there are 4 visitor car parks, opening to visitors, students and staff. And 3 staff car parks, opening to staff and staff residents. In order to let the cars could be found easily and supply a better using experience for car parkers, UM has chosen to use a system for some of the underground car parks to realize central management firstly.



Finally, UM’s two car parks of “Staff Car Park P4” and “Resident Car Park P7” have been deployed JIESHUN’s parking guidance system (“PGS”). JIESHUN has supplied 1600 integrated ultrasonic sensors for corresponding parking spaces. All in one (ultrasonic detector and LED indicator are in one sensor) for monitoring spaces are the advantage of these sensors, and the sensors are cost-effective comparing to other separated ultrasonic sensors. Besides, dual detectors for double detection guarantees, and simplified on-site implementation are good help for the engineers. For a better guidance info showcasing, JIESHUN has installed 60 indoor wayfinding parking signs for these car parks, so that they will guide drivers quickly find the unoccupied parking area in indoor use. Moreover, they support parking space counting in case of offline-mode.


JIESHUN’s integrated ultrasonic sensor


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