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Talking about JIESHUN's Parking Guidance System

Sep 25,2020
What will it happen when driving to a large parking lot which is unfamiliar and not having a parking guidance system? During the peak period, when finally parking the car and preparing to leave away, it is found that you have lost yourself in the parking lot. After eating and planning on going home, it is found that you are in Zone F and the car was parked in Zone A... Therefore, the advanced and easy-to-use parking guidance system will attract more attention from the parking operators and car owners.

“Four Brothers” of Parking Guidance System

First of all, a complete set of parking guidance system consists of 4 subsystems: data collection, central control, information distribution and car searching. “Four brothers ” work together and make the system go well.

When a car is entering the field, the data collection system will immediately detect it and upload the identified info to the central control system. The central control system will make an analysis whether it has a reserved parking space and let the info distribution system to show the results:

For example, as soon as the license plate of the reserved car is recognized at the entrance by the guidance camera above the lane, the car will be allowed in; the indoor wayfinding parking sign at the crossing will display the parking route; when the car is parked, the parking monument signage will refresh the latest available parking space information.

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JIESHUN’s Parking Monument Signage

As for the car searching system, car owners can find the location of the car by the mobile phone--just input the license plate number and parking space number.

The "Wisdom Eyes" of Parking Guidance System

After introducing the process of parking guidance system, it should be noted that as the core part , the data collection system is very important to how to realize the rich parking guidance functions.      As the key equipment of the data collection system, the detection terminal is the "Wisdom Eyes" that realizes the smart guidance. It has gone through from ultrasonic detection, standard-definition video recognition to today's high-definition video recognition.

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A JIESHUN’s Detection Terminal On The Rack

In the times of ultrasonic detection, the detection system can only distinguish the "presence" of the car, but cannot recognize the license plates, colors or types of the cars. In this times, the functions of parking guidance are limited to the statistics and distribution of the number of parking spaces.

Developed to the times of standard-definition video recognition, the detection system is able to "see" the license plates, so the functions gradually began to be rich, and more accurate parking statistics can be realized by the detection of the license plate. However, due to the lack of clarity of video recognition, it is inevitable that the license plate is "not clear" or "wrong", which limits the depth and width of the development of parking guidance functions.

Nowadays, with the evolution of video recognition technology to the times of high-definition, the detection system finally has a pair of "Wisdom Eyes"! The functions of the parking guidance system are becoming more and more comprehensive, gradually spreading to major shopping malls, transportation hubs, office building parking lots, and providing parking reservations, finding unoccupied parking spaces, and other applications for car owners.

"Clairvoyance" changed into "Navigator"

Is it just because of that the high-definition video detection terminal "sees" more clearly has let the functions of parking guidance upgrade? Of course more than that. The HD video detection terminal is small, but powerful! It uses an all-in-one design with a built-in high-end chip, integrated with license plate recognition deep learning algorithm, parking status indication, Bluetooth Beacon and other technologies. Through the HD video detection terminal, the system can monitor the status of the current parking space in real time, and then count the number of unoccupied parking spaces in the parking lot. At the same time, according to the different statuses of the parking spaces, the indicator light of the detection terminal will show different colors: such as green when the parking space is unoccupied; red when the parking space is occupied; when the parking space is reserved by the car owner, the indicator light will be yellow and the detection terminal will "control" the parking lock, waiting for the car owner to arrive in. In addition, if the car owner is a novice driver and the car is parked crookedly, causing one car to occupy two parking spaces, the detection terminal will issue a voice prompt to remind the car owner to park the car again.

When the car is parked well and the detection terminal recognizes the license plate, the position of the car will be confirmed. When car owners will find their cars, they can use the Bluetooth Beacon dynamic navigation function of the mobile phone APP to generate an accurate car search route and easily find the cars. In addition, through the APP’s popular merchant navigation function, you can park your car in these areas close to eating/shopping and quickly finding the elevator entrance.

Moreover, don’t forget the "intelligent guidance camera".It is precisely because of it that the reserved car will be recognized immediately when it enters the venue, and the adjacent wayfinding parking sign will be “notified” immediately to guide the car to arrive at the nearest empty parking space and also the parking locker to drop the arm.

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Intelligent Guidance Camera

At this time, all you need do is parking your car calmly and locking your car. It is kind of VIP experience.


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