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How to Promote Member Marketing through Intelligent Parking System in Shopping Malls?

Apr 12,2021

With the rapid development of the mobile Internet, people’s lifestyles have undergone earth-shaking changes. People can enjoy more convenience and real-time info through various apps during daily travel, shopping, and even having a favorite dinner. At the same time, the app operators or business owners can perform accurate advertising pushes according to people’s preferences. Now this solution can be applied to smart parking system.

Shift in Focus
For shopping malls, parking is directly related to the traffic in the mall. It’s major factor in a consumer choice of where to shop. Consumers are more glad to shop where there’s a parking lot, which is without queues, easy to find spaces and make the payment.

Parking management is no longer a simple replenishment of tickets and withdrawal of money. As video recognition technology entered the parking field, the parking lot management process of shopping centers has been greatly simplified. At present, it’s easier to reach the expectations of management in terms of improving the efficiency, reducing labor costs and establishing a data management system. Therefore, the function of smart parking management in shopping malls has become a basic requirement.
Pleasant and convenient parking experience can attract more consumers, so the parking lot operators in shopping malls should pay more attentions to service, “how to serve every customer who comes to park and how to serve the members better”.

Service Object: Normal Customer or Member?
The shopping center is more open under the background of the Internet. With the mature development of the mobile Internet, the electronic membership card has become a trend in shopping centers. Business operators are looking forward to providing VIP service for every guest. Whether it is a member or not, operators expect to be able to promote electronic coupons to customers, so that customers are more satisfied and willing to shop.
Therefore, the ultimate focus of shopping center parking solution should not be parking and charging, but membership service ability, to help shopping malls perform member marketing.

A New Thinking in the Field of Intelligent Parking in Shopping Malls
Focusing on the core concerns of customers and shopping center operators, Jieshun Technology developed a SaaS business system for shopping malls, which can improve the efficiency of operation and management, and enhance the service experience of members. Personalization, privatization and localization are the keys words of this SaaS platform. The system emphasizes personalized needs, Jieshun provides customized customer app, management app and business management platform based on different shopping mall themes such as youth, luxury goods or parent-child.

The solution fully considers resource privatization and localization needs of shopping centers. The smart parking O2O operating platform follows the principle of localization deployment, and the member parking data is highly private and secure. The intelligent parking system is highly integrated with offline parking system, membership points, electronic card coupons, and online payment, making the operation much easier.
Jieshun will help shopping malls to deep care for customers, explore the value of members, improve the overall service image, and further to realize innovative operation of shopping malls!

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