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Three Key Points for Purchasing Pedestrian Gates

May 10,2021

The high-frequency operating pedestrian gates that provide thousands of door opening and closing services for the people every day bring safety and convenience to people's work and life. Then how should we choose the right product that is related to daily safety?

Today, Jieshun Technology, which has been deeply in the access control industry for over 29 years, will tell you the key points for purchasing pedestrian gates.

The main difference between pedestrian gates is the movement of the door. In addition, products of different grades have relatively large differences in materials, motor drive methods and control systems. The following dimensions are mainly considered in product selection:

Key point 1: High-safety passage guarantee mechanism

Ensuring the safety of pedestrians is the first consideration in the purchase of pedestrian gates. First of all, we must understand the mechanism of pedestrian gate products in the identification and detection of people's movement and behavior, the anti-pinch mechanism of illegal entry, and the prompt response in emergency situations. These aspects are the basis for ensuring the high safety of pedestrian gate products.

JSTZ3910 Swing Gates

The pedestrian gates are equipped with a certain number of IR detection points at different positions inside the passage. When people are in the passage way, their bodies will block the detection points. Multiple detection points form an effective identification of pedestrian movement and behavior. Generally high-end pedestrian gate products use grating detection technology instead of traditional single-point infrared beam detection, to determine the location area, direction of passage and authorization validity of passers-by, and perform calculations and analysis to make corresponding actions to protect the safety of pedestrians.

Key point 2: High-level security protection level

The more sensor detection points, the better the safety and functionality, and the higher the complexity of the logic algorithm. Among similar products, most manufacturers use 16 pairs of detection points, and some even up to 20 pairs. The minimum monitoring distance can reach 12 cm. Jieshun Pedestrian Gate uses 64 pairs of detection points to create a real high-level safety protection.

JSTZ3909 Swing Gates

In the event of an emergency, the pedestrian gates must carry out effective disposal immediately. When the fire signal warning or power failure is received, the door will be automatically unlocked, forming a barrier-free passage for emergency evacuation of people to ensure that no accidents will be caused. The emergency function can be set and turned on through the remote monitoring and management system.

In addition, pedestrian gate products also need to detect, block and alarm illegal entry to prevent trailing. The trailing detection function includes two detection methods, one is trailing entry detection, and the other is reverse entry detection.

Key point 3: Appearance and multi-scene applicability

Corresponding products should be selected for different places. We should comprehensively consider the appearance of the product, indoor and outdoor application conditions, and a variety of traffic requirements. For example, for community scenes, where the flow of people is very large, non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians are mixed, and most of the community entrances and exits are outdoor scenes. Then you should choose a pedestrian gate that can meet the needs for both non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians.

JSTZ3909 Swing Gates

For indoor mid-to-high-end office buildings, in addition to the safety protection function and the quality of the engine, we also need to focus on whether the appearance of the product fits the style of the office building, and whether the material technology meets the positioning of the scene.

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