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The Development Direction of Parking Lot Operation

Apr 24,2022

Nowadays, with the rapid development of technologies such as AIoT, edge-cloud synergy, and big data, more and more new technologies are applied in the field of smart parking. Smart parking has a broader definition, and the parking industry is becoming more and more high-tech.

From intelligent hardware to realize automatic license plate recognition, automatic payment, centralized management of front-end data, to management and control of parking spaces, smart parking has undergone earth-shaking changes in both service mode and management mode.

The development direction of parking operation, we believe, will start from the comprehensive cloudification of the parking system. Today, let's talk about comprehensive cloudification.

What is cloudification?

Cloudification, in simple terms, is the process of allowing applications and data to be processed on the cloud. Compared with the traditional model, cloudification greatly reduces the hardware resources of the project and enhances the processing capacity, which subverts the delivery and operation model of the parking lot.

In terms of system deployment, we will no longer need the traditionally deployed wiring, booth construction and front-end control systems, but only need the on-site equipment to be networked, which makes the parking lot system lightweight. Secondly, the online system supports remote debugging, centralized configuration, intelligent early warning, and intelligent operation and maintenance, which makes project delivery faster, after-sales easier, and system operation more stable. In addition, as the device remains connected to the Internet, the system can be updated to the latest version at any time to try out new features.

Overall, cloudification makes parking service providers and customers easier, and the project can be delivered within a very short time, and the successful experience can also be copied. Cloud urban parking systems have lower cost, and the operation and maintenance is simpler and more flexible.

The Value of Cloudification: Construction of Platform and Ecology

We position cloudification into ‘Infrastructure’. Cloudification is not only the basis of the strategic direction of Jieshun, but also the cornerstone that promotes the development of the industry. In the past two years, Jieshun launched a number of cloud-based innovative products and services.

Based on AI and big data technologies, Jieshun has developed an unattended cloud-hosted parking solution, which realizes license plate recognition with a recognition rate of 99.9%, and combines functions such as mobile payment, ETC payment and electronic invoice to replace manual management. The solution realizes an unattended closed-loop through cloud customer service, remote maintenance, etc., and the effect of cost reduction and efficiency increase is very significant.

In addition to reducing charging loopholes and labor costs, for property managers, the greater value of cloud hosting is that by connecting parking lot resources to the Internet, rapid expansion can be achieved in the future, and online operations can be better to enrich the income structure. At present, cloud hosting has been used in tens of thousands of lanes across the country.

In certain scenarios, we can already realize the management and operation of parking spaces. Car owners can search for parking spaces, reserve parking spaces, use parking guidance, car search and more refined services through mobile applications. The operating model of the parking lot has also changed. Managers can use the parking space resources for advertising operations, and can also lease long-term vacant parking spaces to car owners in need, bringing convenience to car owners and earning additional income.

The platform is open to all ecological service providers. Through a completely open protocol, Jieshun's cloud platform not only supports the integration of third-party software, but also accesses hardware of other brands, allowing more partners to quickly use various functions of the cloud platform. At present, the platform has been connected to a number of gas stations and more than 100 third-party lanes, truly realizing the openness and sharing of the platform, making the entire ecology healthier and more sustainable.

How to Achieve Comprehensive Cloudification

Comprehensive cloudification puts forward higher requirements for research and development. As a technology-driven company, providing high-quality parking services to customers is what Jieshun has been doing.

In the process of cloudification, service providers need to understand the current mainstream technologies such as Internet architecture, big data analysis capabilities, AI capabilities, and audio and video.

For example, the cloud customer service in the cloud hosting service does not simply implement remote intercom and put the front-end security function on the cloud, but uses AI brain, big data and other technologies to further use the capabilities of the cloud platform to automatically handle various abnormal events, making parking services almost no longer require human intervention.

But the technology drive not only depends on the R&D team, but also on the continuous service capabilities from pre-sales solutions, delivery, to after-sales maintenance.

For example, in the after-sales model, from calling the customer service hotline to applying for repairs online through the app, the background automatically assigns customer service personnel to form a closed loop, which greatly improves the efficiency and quality of customer service. As for maintenance, all personnel had to go to the site to deal with faults before, and now 80% of the problems are solved online, and the work efficiency is constantly improving.

It may not be possible to completely change the industry through technical means, but technology can certainly promote the development and progress of the industry ecology.

Looking to the Future

Through the development of cloudification, Jieshun aims to create a platform for win-win cooperation. While the platform provides solutions to customers and partners, they also help the platform continue to operate and grow in the long term. In the future, Jieshun's technology and services will develop in the following directions:

(1)The services we provide will be more personalized and the solutions provided will be more detailed. Based on the current industry solutions in industrial parks, communities, hospitals, schools, office buildings, and transportation hubs, more personalized services will be provided for different groups in the future.

(2)Stay open to collaboration. Jieshun will be open to partners as much as possible, access more third-party partners through API interface, and accept integration from the perspective of win-win.

(3)Use AI and big data to move the service model from management to operation. Jieshun will provide partners with the best business model, provide users with better services, and improve the quality of life of users.

The iterations of technology updates are never-ending. Quickly gain insight into trends, work with more partners to provide users with more personalized and valuable services, and ultimately make parking more convenient for users. This is the goal that Jieshun has always insisted on.


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