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How Does the Unattended Parking Lot Solve Abnormal Events?

Sep 15,2022

At present, cloud-hosted parking lots have basically realized the use of cloud services to replace parking booths. For example, video intercom, video playback and other functions can solve most parking lot problems. The management can also ensure the owner's experience through various active services.

If there are a few abnormal traffic problems such as evading parking fees, how will the unattended parking lot deal with it? Let's talk about this topic today.

With the continuous improvement of the intelligence of the parking lot, advanced technologies such as license plate recognition and parking guidance have been continuously applied to the parking lot, bringing many conveniences to the parking lot management and users. However, in actual projects, there are still some abnormal events, such as vehicle movement resulting in inaccurate remaining parking space information, vehicle tailgating resulting in failure to charge or update the remaining parking space information. Among them, the most headache for the management side is the vehicle evading the payment of parking fees.

In the cloud-hosted parking lot, there are triple guarantees for abnormal vehicle traffic, which can effectively solve a variety of problems.

First of all, the first guarantee of the unattended parking lot - front-end hardware of intelligent perception.

1.Multiple Vehicle Perception
The entrances and exits of some parking lots are close to the intersection. Social vehicles often turn around and reverse at the entrance and exit, and the license plate is recognized by the camera in the parking lot, which leads to the opening of the gate. This can cause other vehicles to enter or leave the parking lot without being recognized by the parking lot.

In order to avoid this situation, the cloud-hosted parking lot will add the function of "multiple vehicle perception". After this function is configured, if the front-end camera recognizes the license plate but does not accurately detect the vehicle, the barrier will not be opened, which avoids many false openings and reduces the problem of evasion caused by abnormal opening.

2.Smart Closing of Barriers
If the gate is opened or not closed for a long time due to the misrecognition of the system, the parking lot can set the "Smart Closing of Barriers" function, which allows the system to detect whether there is a vehicle in the lane after the opening time exceeds a certain time. If not, the gate will be closed automatically after a voice prompt is given.

Of course, if there are special circumstances, such as the parking lot is open for free during a specific period, the equipment can be automatically converted to manual control and will not be automatically closed.

If there is still a problem of evasion after using the above method, then the second guarantee of the parking lot is needed - intelligent analysis of the system.

Auxiliary Identification Camera - Golden Eye at Entrances and Exits
In order to strengthen the refined management and control of hidden events at entrances and exits, auxiliary identification cameras came into being. The system can combine software and hardware for intelligent analysis to improve the ability of parking lot operation supervision.

What can auxiliary recognition cameras do? Built-in self-developed algorithm, it is compatible with video surveillance, and supports real-time lane analysis and early warning, intelligent correction of remaining parking space information, vehicle tailgating recognition, vehicle detention warning, reversing detection and other functions, fully improving the unattended parking lot scene application. Auxiliary identification cameras are widely used in traffic hubs, commercial buildings and other high-traffic parking lots with high access control requirements.

When an abnormal event occurs, the camera will automatically record and generate corresponding records on the management platform to remind managers to deal with it. At this time, the parking lot manager can make corresponding decisions based on video recordings and platform records.

The last guarantee of unattended parking lots - accountability after the fact.

For vehicles with abnormal events, the management platform will notify the owner of the vehicle through the APP or SMS for processing. In addition, the parking lot can also set up a blacklist for vehicles with abnormality for many times.

In addition to ensuring the ultimate parking experience for car owners, JIESHUN is also continuously reducing the operating costs of the management side, making parking lot management easier and more efficient.