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National Standards for Face Recognition System Have Been Released

Dec 12,2022

Recently, the national standard "Information Technology-Biometrics-Technical Requirements for Face Recognition System", which JIESHUN Technology participated in the formulation of, was released. This is another remarkable achievement of JIESHUN in the field of face recognition after obtaining the invention patent of face anti-counterfeiting technology. This standard will help guide the standardized design, development and application of face recognition systems in the future.

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, chips and other technologies, face recognition technology has made great progress. It has been successfully applied and commercialized on a large scale in many scenarios such as finance, security, transportation, government affairs, education, and smart home, which has promoted the development of society and brought convenience to people's daily life. While the scale of the face recognition market is growing day by day, different manufacturers have adopted different technical architectures.

This national standard stipulates the system architecture, business process, functional requirements and performance requirements of the face recognition system. It considers the issues of personal information protection and privacy security, and clearly stipulates the form of data storage. The standard emphasizes that the system should not store image data collected during verification and identification unless necessary. At the same time, the standard fully considers factors such as different application scenarios, user experience and reliability, and provides reasonable performance evaluation indicators. This standard is applicable to the design and development of face recognition systems, and is of great significance to promote the healthy and rapid development of face recognition technology in various industries.

Regarding face recognition products, JIESHUN has developed various models, such as Y10, Y09 and D20, etc. These products have built-in JIESHUN self-developed algorithms, and support face recognition with masks, face recognition payment, face recognition anti-counterfeiting and other application functions. Some products have been reported by authoritative media in the industry. JIESHUN face recognition products have been successfully applied in various scenarios such as communities, industrial parks, campuses, and scenic spots, and the projects implemented are all over the country.

As a leading enterprise in the industry and a national high-tech enterprise, JIESHUN has always attached great importance to and actively participated in the formulation of industry standards, leading the healthy and orderly development of the industry with practical actions. JIESHUN has more than 800 technical R&D personnel, and invests 10% of its revenue in R&D every year. The company has created nearly 300 technical patents and participated in the formulation of more than 30 national and industry standards.

In the future, JIESHUN will continue to cooperate with various partners to discuss the formulation and implementation of smart city standards under the new situation, and contribute more to the promotion of high-quality development of smart cities and related industries.