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Malaysian Internet Alliance visited JIESHUN Headquarters

Nov 28,2019

November 20th 2019, Guangdong High-Tech Industry Chamber (“GHTIC”) invited the Malaysian Internet Alliance (“MIA”) to visit JIESHUN smart showroom.


Representatives of MIA, Representatives of GHTIC and Representative of JIESHUN at JIESHUN showroom

Felix, the General Manager of JIESHUN Overseas Dept. , was in company of representatives of MIA and representatives of GHTIC, and introduced JIESHUN 27-Years history that a company focused on parking hardware products supplied originally and now has become the world’s leading smart parking solution provider of “hardware+platform+services”. JIESHUN, the brand has won approval to market for 27 years, and served a lot of world class well-known companies which are Huawei, Alibaba Group, etc, positioning No.1 in China.


JIESHUN's Parking Management System

Felix said that the company now is dedicated to SAAS+AI  (“Software as a Service”+ “Artificial Intelligence”) products development for the global market, including recognition technology for facial recognition and license plate recognition (“LPR”), video & image processing technology and recognition algorithm, magnetic induction, as well as infrared sensing technology, TTS voice interaction technology, Bluetooth communication technology which are applied in intelligent hardware. Moreover, JIESHUN is also merging big data, cloud storage, cloud computing, cloud payment technology system into smart parking. Some representatives from Malaysian companies have showed strong cooperation intention in smart parking on the scene.


JIESHUN Cloud Platform

JIESHUN has rich experience in smart parking, such as : the Chaka Salt Lake  ( ),the world’s biggest underground parking lot--LIVAT Centre Beijing ( ),the largest smart parking system--Sunway Smart Parking( ).

4 JIESHUN serves Sunway Group.png

JIESHUN serves Sunway Group to deploy the 1st and largest Unified Smart Parking System in Malaysia

About IA

Internet Alliance (IA) or also known as “Persatuan Hubungan Internet Selangor dan Kuala Lumpur”, is a non-profit association set up in 2010 to represent the country’s major pool of Internet service and ‘middleware’ infrastructure providers - ranging web hosting companies, data centres, payment gateway and Cloud providers, web platform enablers, and e-Commerce solutions provider. There are currently over 50 IA corporate members whose collective customer-base enables and facilitates about 85% of Malaysia’s entire internet scene.

About Guangdong High-Tech Industry Chamber

The Guangdong High-Tech Industry Chamber is the first chamber in the national high-tech field and was established in 1999. At present, the Chamber has more than 6,000 member companies in the province. Its industry covers all high-tech industries and technology services in China. There are nearly 200 listed companies at home and abroad, and the annual output value of member companies exceeds 3 trillion. It builds an open, pluralistic and integrated platform with strong economic strength and political influence.


"JIESHUN-The world leader in smart parking with 100,000 parking lots, positioning No.1 in China. JIESHUN offers complete and customized Entrance & Exit Control solutions, including parking management system (PMS), parking guidance system (PGS), barrier gates, pedestrian gates, access control, as well as a unified cloud-based platform for centralized monitoring and management.