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A New Joint Big Data Lab Launches to Empower the Digital Parking Industry

Jun 15,2023

Shunyitong, a holding subsidiary of JIESHUN, recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China United Network Communications Co., Ltd. The two parties will work together to build a joint big data laboratory, leveraging the human resources and scientific research advantages of both parties to establish a close cooperative relationship. The laboratory will conduct research on the application of digital infrastructure in the parking industry, focusing on cutting-edge big data technology.

01 Build a Credible Digital Infrastructure for Smart Parking Business

At present, JParking's services have covered 33,000 smart parking lots and 17.5 million networked parking spaces, accumulatively serving more than 250 million cars, with 105 million registered users, and providing car owners with tens of millions of smart parking services every day. The high-quality parking service it provides not only meets the actual needs of the majority of car owners and users, but also lays the foundation for the company to establish a database for the parking industry.

In view of the current large amount of data, how to effectively clean data and further conduct data analysis and modeling, and develop more valuable application services is a topic that the company has been researching.

Adhering to the principles of safety, openness, and sharing, the big data lab will leverage China Unicom's 5G communication data resources, as well as the user needs of JParking research, existing parking data, etc., to develop customized data services for different parking scenarios. Through big data technologies such as federated learning and collaborative computing, the laboratory will summarize the data characteristics of service scenarios, and perfectly realize the supervision of trusted privacy computing, and solve the security risk problem in the process of privacy computing. The two parties will establish a general-purpose graph feature space for applications such as data governance and data services, and jointly build a trusted digital infrastructure in the field of smart parking.

02 Build a Leading Intelligent Service Platform

The two parties will work together to build a leading and secure smart parking data platform from multiple dimensions such as top-level planning, industry application, data governance, and data security.

The platform will integrate the concept of data security and data operation throughout the data life cycle, and provide mature and reliable big data operation services.

The smart parking platform jointly established by the two parties will use a set of intelligent metadata classification and data early warning solutions. With the help of advanced data processing technology, it will realize instant query of multi-source data, automatic packaging of data services, automatic data access and data matching. The platform will provide services such as accurate data retrieval, positioning and navigation, and jointly empower ecological partners in the parking industry to provide car owners with convenient digital parking services.

03 In-Depth Digital Cooperation to Accelerate Business Upgrade

Under the national strategy of vigorously promoting the construction of the digital economy, the digitalization of parking services and related applications has become a new trend in industrial development. All ecological partners are eager to transform their businesses and enhance their value.

The joint big data laboratory will combine China Unicom's basic digital information technology capabilities with Shunyitong's parking operation capabilities to boost digital innovation cooperation and build a new digital information infrastructure. The laboratory will provide services such as information security integration, software platform, and business digital upgrade for the parking industry ecological partners.

The smart parking industry has entered the era of ecological cooperation, and the clarion call of ecological openness, scene interoperability, service co-construction, and resource sharing has sounded. Shunyitong and China Unicom have strategically cooperated to jointly build a big data joint laboratory, which will undoubtedly create a remarkable chapter in the digital development of smart parking.