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Unattended Parking Lot is Deployed in Seanorama to Achieve Contactless Management

May 21,2020

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, it has spread rapidly on continents. As an international city Hong Kong, China (“Hong Kong”) has recorded zero deaths in care homes from Covid-19 by employing strict infection control measures. Hong Kong treated the outbreak like SARS(“Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome”), the killer virus that hit Asia in 2003, and saved lives.

Similarly, in the management of residential areas, some of Hong Kong's residential areas have been at the forefront in cutting off the transmission channels of Covid-19, such as physical interaction, social distance, and daily activities. Relying on the advantage of No.1 in the actual test of license plate recognition rate in Hong Kong, JIESHUN upgraded the 2-in & 2-out of the parking lot in October 2019 according to the requirement of the Project Seanorama of Cheung Kong Property Holdings Limited., Ltd, and hence replaced one Italian brand of parking lot management products.


A Parking Lot of Seanorama

Seanorama, which belongs to the local high-end residence, is located at 1 Choi Sha Street, Ma On Shan, Hong Kong, China . Both developers and proprietors have higher requirements for the parking lot, especially the proprietors require more comfortable and faster travel experience. In this project, JIESHUN replaced the original non license-plate-recognition system with a license plate recognition system in the early stage. At the same time, the project is divided into two phases. The first phase implemented license plate recognition and the control of two parking lots. The second phase will implement license plate recognition, mobile payment, as well as dual controls of parking lot and underground parking lot, integrating Octopus payment which is widely used in Hong Kong.


Ticketless Controller & Barrier Gate supplied by JIESHUN

After the first phase completion of the Project Seanorama, Covid-19 broke out at the beginning of 2020. The combination of license plate recognition and quick open barriers not only provided Seanorama proprietors with great travel convenience, but also strengthened the unattended property management. Without contact, the infection can be eliminated. In the context of the outbreak and recurrence of the epidemic, it played the role of unattended epidemic prevention.

About Seanorama

Seanorama was completed in June 2018, developed by Cheung Kong Property Holdings Limited and managed by Goodwell Property Management Ltd. It is located at 1 Choi Sha Street, Ma On Shan, Hong Kong, China, with 272 residential parking spaces.


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