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Can a Fully Unattended Parking Lot be Realized in the Future

Sep 13,2021

With the rapid development of the Internet, big data, and AI technology, as well as various applications in parking lots, such as license plate recognition, mobile payment, parking guidance, visual intercom and other intelligent applications are becoming more and more popular, the unattended parking lot operation mode has gradually become an effective means and a new trend to reduce management costs and increase operating income.

Market demand for unattended parking lots

In the past, parking lot management occasionally faced some problems, such as temporary parking of express vehicles and sanitation vehicles, abnormal payments by car owners, and system failures. The handling of these problems is mostly done with manual assistance.

In recent years, with the continuous increase of labor costs, the increasing scale of parking lots, and the increasing complexity of service vehicles, the efficiency and reliability of manual management of parking lots have been very difficult to meet the management needs of property managers. More and more parking lot managers began to think about how to improve management efficiency and reduce operating costs with new technologies.

At the same time, in the process of technology update, car owners have more requirements for the intelligentization, interoperability, and reliability of parking system such as license plate recognition, electronic payment, electronic invoice, etc.

Driven by new technologies such as AI and big data, the core technology in the domestic parking field has made great progress. The abnormal probability of terminal equipment has become lower and lower, and at the same time, the rate of license plate recognition is gradually increasing, and the license plate recognition algorithm has supported special license plates. In addition, remote services are becoming more and more perfect, which greatly enriches various parking application scenarios.

The above factors have provided a sufficient environmental foundation for the entire industry to realize unattended, applications and further promoted the construction of unattended parking lots.

Significant cost reduction

In recent years, most companies in the parking industry have successively launched smart parking products and solutions based on their own technology and development level, which has promoted the development of the industry to a certain extent.

As a pioneer in the parking field, Jieshun Technology first proposed the concept of "unattended" in the security industry as early as 2014, and quickly introduced applications such as video surveillance, remote control, and event monitoring into the solution.

In recent years, Jieshun has specially established the Intelligent Application Research Institute, sorted out more than 900 parking application scenarios and more than 50 unattended application industry solutions, and launched "cloud hosting" in 2019.

At present, through independent research and development of new products and technologies, Jieshun Technology has gradually built a complete application architecture ranging from cash payment, mobile payment, electronic invoices, to automatic monitoring of equipment on-site abnormalities, abnormal alarms, visual intercom, and automatic error correction and problem handling.

In addition, Jieshun launched cloud products such as centralized parking lot management and cloud hosting to ensure 24-hour uninterrupted operation and management of parking lot, timely and effective analysis and processing of on-site emergencies, and automatic dispatch of tasks, truly realizing all-round management from customer applications to back-end operation and maintenance.

According to calculations, unattended parking lots have significantly reduced costs compared to traditional parking lots. The traditional parking lot with one entrance and one exit generally requires 21 employees to be arranged at the entrance and exit, parking fee booth, management center, video surveillance room, financial room, and security room. Jieshun unattended parking lot requires only 6 staff, which greatly reduces labor costs. In addition, revenue from unattended parking lots generally increased by about 20%.

A long way to go

From the perspective of the technical director of Jieshun Technology, the current development of unattended parking lots is still in its infancy in terms of industry perception, application scenarios, and competition focus.

At present, most manufacturers and property managers generally believe that unmanned application scenarios can be realized through corresponding solutions. In fact, the current unattended parking lot still needs the reasonable configuration and coordination of various management positions.

The service personnel at the entrance and exit can be replaced by the product, but the back-end management center still needs personnel support. Improving the management awareness of the entire industry and clarifying the job responsibilities of personnel is the current top priority for unattended business development.

In addition, the current focus of competition among companies is still on front-end issues such as unattended system algorithms, vehicle access, mobile payment, and simple voice intercom, and the application scenarios are relatively single.

In fact, the parking industry has the characteristics of diversified application scenarios, fast technology upgrades, and multiple customer demands. It also requires the concerted efforts of various companies in the industry to strengthen discussions and exchanges, deeply explore customer needs, enhance customer experience, and enrich product application scenarios. Only in this way can we really promote the rapid development of the industry through technological means.

In the future, a fully unattended parking lot will eventually be realized. As an industry leader, Jieshun will continue to increase R&D investment in artificial intelligence and big data technology to promote faster and better development of the parking industry, improve the level of intelligence, and further provide end users with a more convenient user experience and create greater value for the parking management company.