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Parking Guidance System: A Necessary Part in the Modern Parking Lot

Oct 19,2021

Parking guidance system has gradually become an indispensable part of modern parking lots. More and more people are beginning to understand it, get used to it, and start to like it. The parking guidance system perfectly solves the problems of difficulty in parking and finding a car.

As an important management method for the reasonable allocation of parking resources, the parking guidance system can help car owners find parking spaces quickly, eliminate the trouble of car owners looking for cars, and can effectively improve parking lot utilization and alleviate traffic congestion. It is gradually favored by most large parking lots.

But do you know how the system implements all these functions? What technology does the parking guidance system use?

The parking guidance system mainly uses video, ultrasonic, geomagnetic vehicle sensors and other methods to recognize license plates or detect parking space occupancy information, and guide parking routes through indicator lights and display screens.

The parking space occupancy information is mainly realized through the vehicle detection algorithm. Vehicle detection is based on AI deep learning detection algorithms, involving cutting-edge technologies such as vehicle recognition, license plate detection, license plate correction, character segmentation, character recognition, and AI decision-making.

Rich Application Scenarios

China's parking guidance technology has gone through three stages of development, from ultrasonic parking guidance, video parking guidance to geomagnetic parking guidance. Ultrasonic parking guidance can only identify whether there is a vehicle, while video parking guidance can not only identify the vehicle, but also identify the characteristics of the vehicle and the state of the parking space, helping car owners better realize parking guidance and find their own car.

Geomagnetic parking guidance is currently mainly used in on-street parking lots. This technology has only been used in recent years, and its biggest advantage lies in its ease of construction and installation.

Currently, the three parking guidance technologies are in parallel. It is expected that the mainstream market trend in the future will be the use of video parking guidance systems in off-street parking lots, and the use of geomagnetic parking sensors and video pillars in on-street parking lots. At the same time, offline guidance will be developed into online guidance, from floor guidance to parking space level guidance, to carry out detailed parking path instructions and parking space management and control.

A series of related equipment for parking guidance systems such as video parking detection terminals, ultrasonic detection terminals, geomagnetic detection sensors, Bluetooth parking locks, parking guidance screens, management software, self-service kiosks, etc. have been widely used in airports, stations, stadiums, commercial centers, high-end residential areas, high-end office buildings and other places.

Pioneer in Smart Parking Business

As a provider of integrated solutions for smart parking and access control, Jieshun Technology has always attached great importance to product development and technological innovation, and has successively launched AI-based license plate recognition and video parking guidance systems based on artificial intelligence.

Jieshun has built a professional parking guidance research and development team, and its research and development strength has a leading competitive advantage in the industry. Jieshun parking guidance products have been widely used in most domestic cities and many countries in Asia and Europe.

Jieshun will continue to develop innovative parking guidance applications. We believe that the parking guidance system will become the standard system for most parking lots around the world in the near future.