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Jieshun Once Again Won the Bid for the Huizhou Urban Parking Project

Sep 12,2019

JIESHUN has received the “Notice of Winning Bid” issued by Huizhou Traffic Investment Group Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “HTIG”), and the notice determined that JIESHUN won the bid at ”Collaborative Investor of HTIG”--JIESHUN and HITG jointly establish the company of “Hui Parking”, with shareholdings accounting for 49% and 51% respectively, and the estimated total investment of the project is approximately USD 17,760,000.

In order to solve “parking problem” of Huizhou City, HTIG took the lead in promoting Huizhou Smart Parking Project. ”Hui Parking” plan to build the China’s first comprehensive parking system integrating the investment, construction, operation and management of smart parking, and Huizhou City will be the pilot, and then fully cover all the counties and districts. The plan is officially launched in 2019--the smart parking cloud platform will be built at first, and Huizhou’s existing 20,000 public parking spaces (including on-street parking spaces of 13,190 and off-street parking spaces of 6,752) will be upgraded to achieve interconnection sharing and intelligent management; and then the parking spaces will be gradually added 80,000 around by the investment into different kinds of parking facilities (including ground parking lots, underground parking lots, and three-dimensional parking lots) to realize the interconnection and unified operation and management of urban parking space information. It is worth noting that, not like most of the projects in the market that only let the on-street parking resources are available, this plan has also let the Huizhou’s off-street resources turn to be available relying on the R&D, brand influence, business development, organization system and capital advantage, meanwhile the plan constructs a unified city-level travel entrance and integrates urban parking big data, and strives to create “Smart Huizhou”.


Urban Smart Parking

The scale promotion of city-level smart parking business has a characteristics of “top-down” and it has also become one of the key business units of Jieshun. Since 2018, urban parking has quickly landed in more than ten key cities of China. For this project, it is the fourth large-scale urban parking project that the company has landed after Changde of Hunan Prov., Linyi of Shandong Prov., Chengde of Hebei Prov..

About Huizhou Traffic Investment Group Co.,Ltd

Established in 2012, Huizhou Traffic Investment Group Co.,Ltd. Is a state-owned company, which provides infrastructure construction and investment services. The Company constructs highways, passenger stations, trunk roads, rail traffic ways, and other infrastructures. Huizhou Traffic Investment Group Co.,Ltd also conducts traffic project operation and maintenance businesses. Now it has nearly 6,000 employees.


JIESHUN has more than 100,000 parking lots worldwide, and it is the company who first stepped into smart parking and occupies No. 1 market share in China. The company has the ability to supply the whole industry chain service and the outstanding advantage in coordinating the resources of urban integrated parking lots.