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JIESHUN Headquarters was Successfully Topped Out

Sep 18,2019

September 5, 2019 is the roof-sealing day of JIESHUN headquarters building. JIESHUN (002609.SZ) has invested 141,000,000 US dollars to build a JIESHUN headquarters building in Guanlan High-tech Industrial Park, Longhua District, Shenzhen City, China.

About 70 senior executives from different companies participated in the roof-sealing ceremony. Tang Jian, the chairman of the board of JIESHUN has given his speech and reviewed the JIESHUN’s 27 years’ history--from 1992 to the present, JIESHUN has grown up from a small workshop to “JIESHUN Building” with 4,000sqm, and now turned into a “JIESHUN headquarters building”with 145,000sqm. For 27 years, as the national high-tech enterprise, JISHUN has always adhered to independent research and development and constantly introduced high-tech talents to keep technology innovation. As per the preliminary financial data for the first half year of 2019, JIESHUN has invested R&D expense of 8,180,000 US dollars, representing an increase of 14.86 % as compared to the corresponding period of last year. Nowadays JIESHU has 1,000+ R&D staff, 300+ patents, and 15% of its annual revenue used for research and development.


Roof-sealing ceremony of JIESHUN headquarters building


Tang Jian, the chairman of the board of JIESHUN, gave his speech

Since JIESHUN launched Eight-industry Solutions at 2019 Shenzhen International Smart Parking Equipment and Technology Expo, Smart Industrial Park Solution has received attentions as one of Eight-industry Solutions. It is reported that JIESHUN will take the lead in building the latest technology application and innovation center in the smart parking field, and adopting the latest Smart Industrial Park Solution. Basing on a variety of smart applications, JIESHUN headquarters building will interconnect various kinds of data from the pedestrians, the vehicles and consumption to comprehensively enhance the smart management level of the industrial park and provide better software and hardware facilities for JIESHUN staff.


JIESHUN headquarters building