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JIESHUN Launches Parking Space-Level Cloud Hosting Service to Facilitate Refined Parking Lot Operations

Sep 06,2023

With the rapid development and application of big data, Internet of Things, and cloud computing technologies, the management of parking lots is becoming more convenient and intelligent. Unattended parking lots are gradually becoming the mainstream in the market, and the cloud hosting service model has been widely accepted by the public.

Currently, most cloud hosting services in the market only cater to the management of parking entrances and exits, and they are unable to promptly address issues within the parking lots, such as finding parking spaces, self-service charging, and payment scenarios. Therefore, the current solutions fail to meet the high-quality service requirements of some vehicle owners.

JIESHUN, which has been deeply involved in the smart parking industry for over 30 years, is committed to building an urban smart parking ecosystem. Based on industry insights and demand-driven innovation, JIESHUN has launched parking space-level cloud hosting services to create a more comprehensive unattended parking environment, satisfying the parking lot requirements that demand higher parking service experiences and operational management.

Distinguished from traditional unattended cloud hosting scenarios in parking lots, the parking space-level cloud hosting service utilizes intelligent terminals and parking management platforms to provide online handling of various applications such as parking space search, charging anomalies, and other service inquiries. Through the use of AI brain, Internet of Things, and remote visual communication technologies, online operators are able to understand the parking lot management rules, analyze and diagnose on-site issues, and quickly assist vehicle owners in resolving encountered problems. This further improves the unattended parking scenario, provides vehicle owners with a better parking experience, and enables the operators to reduce costs, increase operation efficiency, and generate more revenue.

Why Choose Parking Space-Level Cloud Hosting Service?

Reason 1: Enhance the Utilization of Parking Lot Resources and Increase Operational Revenue

With the increasing number of electric vehicles, parking and charging are issues that parking lot operators need to consider and address simultaneously. However, the construction of charging stations requires significant investment, so operators need to finely manage and control the resources within the parking lots to improve utilization, shorten the return on investment period, and achieve profitability as soon as possible. The parking space-level cloud hosting service can meet the parking and charging needs of vehicle owners within the parking lots, attract more vehicle owners, and greatly improve the utilization of parking resources.

When vehicle owners have the need for charging in a parking lot, if they cannot find charging stations or do not know how to use them, or if the selected charging stations are not functioning properly, their experience will be affected. In severe cases, it may lead to the loss of users, and the effective utilization of resources within the parking lot will be hindered.

In parking lots that implement the parking space-level cloud hosting solution, when vehicle owners encounter exceptional situations and need assistance, they can simply scan the QR code on the posters to contact online customer service personnel. The staff can access real-time video footage, verify and understand the facilities and vehicle information within the parking lot, and provide assistance to vehicle owners quickly through charging area guidance, charging operation instructions, or recommending available charging stations. This significantly enhances the vehicle owners' experience and attracts more users to utilize the parking and charging services in the parking lot. As the utilization of parking resources increases, the revenue of the parking lot will consequently improve.

Reason 2: JIESHUN Provides Professional and Efficient Online Services for Better Service Quality

When vehicle owners encounter unexpected situations in the parking lot, they usually seek help from security personnel, property management, or the operators. However, due to limited personnel allocation and insufficient experience in handling such issues, the response timeliness and problem-solving capabilities provided by the operators are often unsatisfactory.

JIESHUN has a professional and experienced online customer service team that provides 24/7 online customer support, ensuring the orderly operation of parking lots. All staffs have undergone comprehensive training and assessments, enabling them to quickly diagnose on-site issues and assist vehicle owners in resolving problems. This eliminates the need for the operators to arrange personnel for patrolling and guarding, resulting in more peace of mind for management and better service quality.

Currently, JIESHUN has served over 35,000 connected parking lots and is committed to the intelligent operation of parking scenarios, providing vehicle owners with one-stop parking services and building an open urban parking ecosystem.