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JIESHUN’s Smart Parking Solutions Empowers the 19th Asian Games

Oct 11,2023

On October 8th, the 19th Asian Games, lasting for 16 days, successfully concluded in Hangzhou. The Asian Games is the largest comprehensive sports event in Asia. This edition of the Asian Games was the first time Hangzhou hosted such a large-scale international sports event, with over 40 competition events and over 10,000 athletes from 45 countries and regions in Asia participating. The Hangzhou Asian Games will be the largest, with the most events and the widest coverage in the history of the Asian Games.

Intelligence is one of the organizing principles of the Hangzhou Asian Games. In the era of 5G, in addition to ultra-high-speed internet, passive IoT, and autonomous driving, Hangzhou has given 200% importance to the venues for various events and activities.

In order to better ensure the safety of athletes' passage and showcase the intelligent access scenarios, JIESHUN's intelligent system has also exerted its technological power in various venues.

Hangzhou Asian Games Village

The Hangzhou Asian Games Village, which officially opened on September 16th, is one of the key supporting projects of the Asian Games. It will provide comprehensive services including accommodation, catering, transportation, culture, technology, healthcare, and business guarantee for over 20,000 Asian Games athletes, team officials, technical officials, and media personnel.

The parking lots of the village, with 22 entrances and exits, have deployed JIESHUN's parking system and over 400 high-definition video parking guidance detection terminals and other smart facilities, providing a one-stop intelligent parking and space-finding experience for everyone.

In addition, JIESHUN has also developed intelligent parking services such as voice broadcasting for special vehicle lanes and VIP parking areas, and a smart parking point at the Asian Games city subway transfer station, allowing athletes from all over the country to experience the application of high technology in every aspect of life in the Asian Games Village.

Hangzhou Arch

Hangzhou Century Center, also known as the "Hangzhou Arch," is one of the key supporting projects of the Asian Games. Its twin towers, standing over 300 meters tall, have made Hangzhou Arch a true landmark of Hangzhou, refreshing the city's cover image.

At Hangzhou Arch, JIESHUN's intelligent parking system has been deployed in the parking lot of the 12 entrances and exits. Over 800 parking guidance high-definition detection terminals and desktop payment machines have been installed, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience for parking, space-finding, and payment processes, effectively preventing congestion at the entrances and exits. Moreover, the entire area has implemented intelligent access hardware and systems for personnel, elevating the intelligence of the building to a new level.

Hangzhou Esports Center

Speaking of technologically advanced events, we cannot overlook the inclusion of esports as a competition event for the first time in the Asian Games. Hangzhou Esports Center is also the first domestically built professional esports venue that meets the standards of the Asian Games.

The project has adopted over 400 JIESHUN ground-mounted ultrasonic parking detectors, enabling one-click navigation for over 400 parking spaces. The public areas have installed 6 pedestrian gates and 100 access control devices, providing various authentication methods such as face recognition for people passing through. All these devices ensure the safety and intelligence of the entire venue's personnel and vehicle access management.

Qiantang Roller Skating Centre

As one of the most popular sports among young people today, roller skating competitions naturally attract great attention. During the Asian Games, 105 athletes from 11 countries and regions will compete for 10 gold medals at the Qiantang Roller Skating Centre.

The two entrances and exits of the parking lot have implemented JIESHUN's intelligent parking management and parking guidance systems. Real-time information about parking spaces inside the venue is interconnected with LED screens, allowing car owners to easily access parking space information. The parking lot also has an official Asian Games express lane, using technological means to provide a smooth passage experience for car owners.

Hangzhou Grand Theater

As one of the filming locations of the Asian Games-themed movie “One and Only”, Hangzhou Grand Theater has carefully arranged multiple boutique performances to celebrate the Hangzhou Asian Games and convey the warmth of the Asian Games city.

As one of the main venues for the Asian Games light show, the flow of vehicles in the theater parking lot has naturally increased. JIESHUN has implemented an intelligent parking management system and unattended service mode in the parking lot, replacing traditional manned booths with 24/7 online service provided by cloud hosing customer support. This reduces personnel input, greatly alleviates management and personnel pressure, and simultaneously improves the satisfaction of the public with the project.

Raffles City Hangzhou

Raffles City Hangzhou, located in Qianjiang New Town on the banks of the Qiantang River, is one of the high-profile landmark buildings of the Asian Games. At the same time, the "National Fitness, Shared Asian Games" 2023 Hangzhou Tower Race also started here, creating a vibrant Asian Games atmosphere.

To meet the functional demands of the thousands of vehicles entering and exiting the Raffles City parking lot during the Asian Games, JIESHUN has implemented a parking system and smart hardware on the 10 lanes of the project's parking lot. This centralized control of all parking lot data and unattended management ensures efficient and worry-free traffic flow in the lanes.

The Hangzhou Asian Games, held with the full support of digitalization and intelligent technology, allows us to experience the charm that modern technology brings to sports events.

JIESHUN, as a leading company in smart parking services, will continue to provide intelligent parking and access control services for major venues throughout the country.