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Successful Collaboration Between JIESHUN and Jinxiu Xiangjiang Garden for EV Charging Operation

Dec 05,2023

The rapid proliferation of electric vehicles has led to a significant increase in the demand for community electric vehicle charging. For property management companies, the challenge lies in meeting the charging needs of vehicle owners while generating additional revenue through operation.

In 2022, the National Development and Reform Commission explicitly encouraged the adoption of a "property-based unified construction and operation" model for community charging stations. This not only addressed the issue of integrating charging stations into residential areas but also sparked a wave of exploration among investors regarding community charging station construction. However, the reality is that despite substantial construction costs, traditional charging stations often face challenges such as being occupied by gasoline vehicles or having inefficient layouts, which negatively impact the profitability and user experience.

How can this dilemma be overcome? The project collaboration between JIESHUN and Guangzhou Jinxiu Xiangjiang Garden provides the answer.

Located in one of Guangzhou's hottest real estate areas, Jinxiu Xiangjiang Garden is a high-end business hub. The community boasts 44 lanes and thousands of parking spaces, all of which have been equipped with JIESHUN's parking control devices since 2020.

With the increasing demand for community charging and the limitations of traditional charging stations in terms of parking space management, JIESHUN was chosen as the partner to implement an integrated parking and charging solution within the parking area. Following the project's implementation, the monthly order volume of individual charging stations increased by 56.5%, and daily service fee revenues rose by 287.9%. The results were exceptionally significant.

So, how does JIESHUN's solution address this problem? Let's explore further.

Precise Data Calculation Ensuring Revenue Generation

The construction of charging stations often requires significant capital investment. JIESHUN aims to help customers accelerate their return on investment while serving a larger number of vehicle owners. To achieve this, JIESHUN utilized its AI-powered big data analysis capabilities during the project's initial phase. By analyzing various factors such as the number of parking spaces, the proportion of new energy vehicles, parking duration, parking turnover rate, and the surrounding charging station situation, JIESHUN calculated the optimal ratio of charging stations to parking spaces for the community. In the case of Jinxiu Xiangjiang Garden, 14 sets of 7KW AC charging stations were deployed, achieving the best resource allocation while meeting the basic charging needs of residents and visitors. Within three months of operation, the monthly order volume increased significantly from 289 to 478 orders.

Integrated Parking and Charging for Efficient Management and Revenue Generation

To address pain points such as gasoline vehicles occupying charging spaces, delays in dispatching fully charged vehicles, and poor user experience, JIESHUN implemented an integrated parking and charging mode.

At the project site, JIESHUN equipped the charging spaces with intelligent parking detectors and smart parking locks. Through AI-powered license plate recognition algorithms, electric vehicle license plates are intelligently detected, and the parking locks automatically disengage, allowing vehicle owners to initiate the charging process. When leaving, vehicle owners pay for parking and charging fees through a single order. This solution enables a seamless and cashless charging and payment experience for vehicle owners. For operators, it offers precise control over charging spaces, ensuring a steady increase in revenue and eliminating concerns about low return on investment.

The Jinxiu Xiangjiang Garden project has been operating its charging stations for over a year, and property company has praised the project's profitability and the intelligence and stability of JIESHUN's equipment.