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JIESHUN Showcased Digital Parking Solutions at the CPSE 2023

Nov 03,2023

At the recently concluded 19th China Public Security Expo, over 1,200 exhibitors from more than 150 countries and regions gathered together. JIESHUN, a leading provider of intelligent parking services and a smart city digital ecosystem operator, made its presence known with the theme of "Building a New Generation of Digital Scenarios." It not only drew attention with its innovative new technologies but also inspired deep contemplation about the future development of the industry.

In addition to showcasing upgraded hardware products, JIESHUN also presented innovative digital scenarios and applications tailored for parking, access control, and EV charging, as well as the new ecosystem for urban-level parking operation governance. These became the highlights of the exhibition.

Meeting Diverse Parking Needs with a Digital Approach

JIESHUN was one of the first manufacturers to enter the urban parking business. We have found that while the number of parking spaces has increased, "low information utilization" has become a new problem. Digitalization is not only an upgrade at the technological level but also a completely new management and operational model. We have been continuously pondering how to use digital innovations to provide customers with easy operational management modes.

"The initial goal of upgrading parking lots was mainly for management, which means addressing management needs. However, the main application for consumers was mainly about charging. The new challenge is how to make good use of the collected data, apply it to scenarios, and combine management, public services, and market demands." Mr. Guo, the Product Director at JIESHUN, believes that it is necessary to fully leverage the capabilities of information technology, address different scenarios in a hierarchical manner, and have corresponding tiered pricing.

Over the years, JIESHUN has developed multiple solutions that empower parking lot operators and address consumer needs through technological accumulations in AI, big data, and cloud computing.

For example, JIESHUN pioneered parking sharing and staggered parking services. In 2019, JIESHUN created the first nationwide hospital parking reservation and sharing service. By integrating children's hospital parking lots with nearby parking facilities into the reservation system, it effectively increased the utilization of parking resources and alleviated parking difficulties.

This innovative parking method has now been successfully implemented in nearly 2,000 parking lots and over 50,000 parking spaces, covering parking services in dozens of parks in Shenzhen. As of September 2023, the Shenzhen reservation and sharing parking platform has completed over 1.51 million reservation services and 84,000 shared parking services. A total of 531 parking lots have been included in the shared parking service, and 1,479 parking lots have been included in the reservation parking service.

Furthermore, we have found that different types of parking lots have different usage patterns. Residential parking lots tend to have more vehicles at night and fewer during the day, while shopping malls have more cars during the day and fewer at night. By allocating shopping mall parking spaces to nearby residential areas during the night, not only can it alleviate residential parking difficulties but also generate additional income for the shopping mall. JIESHUN has developed a digital parking operation revenue enhancement solution through a combination of "cloud hosting + charging piles + parking space leasing + parking vouchers + advertising marketing." This solution offers idle-time monthly cards and night cards for parking lots, matching them with users' needs. It not only meets users' parking demands but also increases traffic during off-peak hours and boosts parking lot revenue. This type of digital service is widely implemented nationwide.

Improving Urban Management Efficiency with Digital Technology

"Finding new value growth points for customers through digital scenario construction" is the development direction of JIESHUN. Its solutions no longer focus solely on the operation of parking lots and parking spaces but also extend to the operation and management of entire communities, industrial parks, tourist attractions, and urban parking. We aim to digitize parking lot assets and explore new business models and growth opportunities together with customers.

At the expo, JIESHUN showcased its new-generation urban-level parking operation governance platform, which garnered attention. In response to the new challenges faced by urban parking, such as "slow data access, small operational scale, weak public perception, and difficult regulatory governance," JIESHUN has developed a city-level parking platform based on a "cloud-side, end-side, application-side" architecture. This platform aims to achieve city-wide parking planning, sharing, services, law enforcement, and management.

Through the "one city, one strategy" service cooperation model, JIESHUN has established refined operations and services tailored to different regions and bussies models, promoted the construction of urban-level parking infrastructure, created an efficient urban parking service ecosystem, and overall improved the level of urban parking services. Currently, urban parking solutions have been successfully implemented in over 70 cities nationwide.

Digital Applications for Convenience and Public Welfare

In addition to the above-mentioned products and solutions, JIESHUN also showcased the JParking parking service platform for user use. As of the end of September 2023, JParking has achieved coverage in 386 cities nationwide, with over 38,000 interconnected parking lots, representing a 30% increase compared to last year. The registered parking spaces have reached nearly 20 million, with an additional 5 million spaces added compared to last year. The cumulative number of users has exceeded 110 million, making JParking a leading brand in smart parking services.

Overall, JIESHUN's presence at the CPSE 2023 highlighted its commitment to leveraging digital innovations to transform the parking industry. By integrating advanced technologies such as AI, big data, and cloud computing, JIESHUN aims to improve parking management efficiency, enhance user convenience, and contribute to the development of smart cities.